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Conger’s Consecration List is a website dedicated to recording the names and details of the new bishops and senior clerics of the Anglican Communion.  In my work as correspondent for the Church of England Newspaper, I have found that there is no central place that records details about the bishops of the church.  The Anglican Consultative Council has a web page dedicated to names —- but it provides no details or data and is often out of date.  It is also beset by the politics of the Anglican Communion and is not authoritative.

In 1998 I was asked by the ACC to compile the Lambeth Directory.  This was the first pictorial directory of bishops of the Anglican Communion.  I began work on a second edition for the 2008 conference but soon after I started the ACC staff declined to cooperate and no book was published.

Who am I?  My name is George Conger.  I am a priest of the Episcopal Church’s Diocese of Central Florida.  I am the senior correspondent for the Church of England Newspaper and have published more new stories on the Anglican Communion than any other writer.  I am not a blogger per se, in that what I post on my news archive Conger are only the articles I have written and have had published by newspapers, journals, magazines and so forth.

This website serves as an adjunct to my news site.  Should you have photos or information about new bishops please do let me know so that I may put them up on the web.

Thank you, George Conger



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