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The Bishop of Multan, the Rt. Rev. Leo Rodrick Paul August 19, 2011

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The Rt. Rev. Leo Paul, Bishop of Multan. The Rt. Rev. Humphrey Peters is handing the new bishop his staff, while Bishop Mano Ramulshah, Bishop Azad Marshall and a third bishop look on.

The Rev. Leo Rodrick Paul has been elected the fourth bishop of the Diocese of Multan in the Church of Pakistan.  Meeting at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Multan on June 3, 2011, the delegates to the synod were able to elect a new bishop after seven years of internal dispute.  A diocesan spokesman told the Fellowship of St Thomas,  “We are grateful to the Lord for this achievement after a struggle of almost 7 years in electing the fourth Bishop of Multan. We look forward to your prayers and support in the future.”

The consecration of Bishop Paul was held at Lahore Cathedral on June 19, 2011 and was led by the Moderator of the Church of Pakistan, the Rt. Rev. Samuel Azariah.

A report in the Frontier News, the Diocese of Peshawar’s magazine stated: “The Peshawar Diocese has a long history of working closely with the Diocese of Multan, our previous Bishop of Peshawar, the Rt. Revd. Mano Rumalshah remained Commissary Bishop of Multan for a long time. Similarly, the Rt. Revd. Humphrey Peters, Bishop of Peshawar also served the Multan Diocese as its Commissary. The Diocese of Peshawar also played a vital role in the whole election process of the Multan Diocese.  We hope that the Diocese of Multan will further flourish and develop under the new leadership of the Rt. Revd. Leo, Bishop of Multan.”

The Pakistan Christian Post has an amusing, if unconfirmed, account of the failed 2007 election for a bishop.

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